Celery: It’s Not Just for Soup Anymore

Cooks and chefs the world over appreciate how delicious and nutritious celery is. They’re using it in fresh and fun ways to make it much more than a snack food. Check out their recipes.

Pork Chile Stir Fry.jpg

Pork and Celery Stir-fry

Pork tenderloin is ideal in a stir-fry because it cooks so quickly and stays tender and juicy. This recipe combines it with crunchy celery and hot chiles for a simple and deliciously spicy weeknight dinner with minimal ingredients. Skip the hot by substituting 1 sliced red bell pepper.


A fresh, crisp twist on classic Asian cuisine, this Celery-Beef Sesame recipe adds celery to one of our favorite dishes.

Chicken, Celery and Apricot Stir-Fry

Canelli Bean and Celery Soup

Celery Waldorf Salad

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Delicious and Nutricious

Just two medium stems of Michigan celery contain:

15% of our daily requirement of vitamin C
10% of our daily potassium needs (like a banana without the calories!)
Only 20 calories
At least 2 grams of dietary fiber
Zero cholesterol